Thursday, June 02, 2005

my crazy world

I decided this morning that it's only because I believe that this world is crazy, unpredictable and messy that I'm able to accept the nonsense around me. Very few things in my life, and in the lives around me, make actual sense. Some people reckon we should be following a safe, rational and uncomplicated road. I reckon I thrive on the world's dubiety. Obviously, there are parts of my life I want relative stability in. Relationships and career, for instance - even with those though, I need to periodically take risks to mix things up.

I sound crazy, I probably am. I love it!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

it's been a while

Jojo - Never Say Goodbye
Kelly Clarkson - Some Kind of Miracle

Two and a half weeks to be exact. I wonder if that's brought my blogs per week figure on my profile down...

I suppose the biggest news in my life right now is that I'm back at school! Feels strange, yet familiar. I'm once again sitting in a lecture room (well, it's the size of a tutorial room actually), struggling to stay awake, scribbling down nonsense in my notebook - but this time the content isn't language syntax, IT project management or IT solutions. We're being flashed graphs, and getting told what all sorts of financial bodies do. Lots of theory. Feels a bit like a hybrid of high school economics and university accounting. Joy. Thing is, as the lecturer is talking, all that's going through my head is a mantra saying "Just read the notes later, you're better off reading the notes later". So, there's gonna be a day... sometime in the future, where I'm actually gonna have to sit down and eyeball all these notes. Sigh. Content isn't too bad though, I must say. Hopefully things get a little more interesting.

The holiday's coming closer and we haven't sorted out accommodation yet! I think that's on my current TODO list.

The MBL ASM was on last Friday night. It was an awesome night! The venue was great, the entertainment was fantastic, the drinks were awesome and I'm told the food was good too! Photos are up on the i-station. I went home pretty much after the party ended. I decided to wear high heels that night... so my feet were too numb for me to continue partying.

I also had a movie date with Nix on Saturday night to watch Star Wars Episode 3. Excellent movie - even if I've only seen one other Star Wars movie. I'm aiming to watch the trilogy in the near future... when I could be bothered. Anyone wanna hook me up with the DVD's?

I've got this unsettling feeling of contentment right now. How's that for an oxymoron? I suppose I've just seen, as well as experienced first hand, disappointment that skews my belief in complete happiness in reality. Thing is, I've also seen wonderful things happening for the people around me - my uncle about to finally get married to someone we all really love, for example - and I remember that a life in fear of bad things that could happen could stop you from experiencing the good things in life. And that's why I bolded "contentment" and not "unsettling" at the beginning of this paragraph.