Friday, February 17, 2006

no words

I just had the most wonderful night with my cousins (+ the 2 boyfriends)...

... that's what I'm really gonna miss.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my girl... my angel

How do I write about how a girl that looked up to me became the only person I am truly obedient to?
How do I write about the most beautiful, most mature, most kind-hearted person in my life?
How do I write about the annoying little girl that followed me around, copied everything I did but has now become the kind of woman I, myself, am supposed to strive to be?

She's radical. When you tell people what she - and all of us - believes is her life's calling, they're stunned. They're astonished at her committment, her determination, her perseverence in the midst of so much discouragement from people around her and the struggles she faced within her own heart. How can you not be?

She did this because she was pure. Her heart held the purest of intentions. She fell in love. A true love, a pure love, a love that can only come from Jesus Christ - perseverence till the end.

Noone expected her to have to leave us so soon. The reality of it hasn't hit me yet and I sometimes wonder whether she really will be gone in 3 weeks. The only thing that's keeping me from letting the sadness of her hardly being around overwhelm me is an image of her in my mind, during the Adore06 masses, singing in Latin, with a smile of undoubtable joy towards her service to God. She glows, she truly glows.

He made the choice for her. Once she realised it, she spent all of two years saying 'yes, here I am, take me' with her life, her actions and everything she did.

You're a true inspiration, Kristela. I admire your strength, your tenacity and your faith. You bring joy to all of us and I truly believe you'll shine in your chosen vocation. There are no words. You'll always be in my heart and in my prayers. I love you.

PS. Seeya on the flipside my love.