Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sorry if you read that. I'll keep my crap to myself next time.

Anyway, I'll tell you what's depressing? That my personal trainer told me that my outer left ligament is never going to be as strong as it was before. That really sux. He said, it'll mend, but it'll never be as strong. It's like stretching a rubber band (a lot) and trying to get it back to its original shape. I'm gonna be too scared to ski again... I gotta be all careful and crap. DAMN.

Okay, I'm going to watch some TV then head to the gym to strengthen my other leg muscles to compensate for my disabled outer left ligament. Peas.

What... a... crock... of... ish.

Yeh I'm annoyed. Because I'm gullible and if you act like everything is A-O-K, then I believe you. You know what though? I DON'T NOW.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeessssss..! I'm really upset. But if you ask about it, I'm not gonna talk to you about it so don't bother.

I really don't know what to do about it. How do you deal with this? ARGH. Okay that's all.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

G'morning all!

Decided to blog a bit since I haven't for almost two weeks!

* Went to Therese's 21st
* Went to Nick's 22nd
* Went to Lish's 21st - Ali Baba's
* Merrylands ADORE 2004 promo
* Worked
* Watched Finding Nemo

I LOVED FINDING NEMO! I really did! I met up with some friends last night to get the late session of the movie and, at first we felt heck old when out of the last session came people that could almost be classified as either a child or a parent! There weren't many of those at the late session. But, no joke, I was laughing so much of the movie it hurt! I really really enjoyed it!

After that, we stood in the cold thinking of what to do before heading to Parra to chill. They played pool at Hotel Parra then we had some eats at City Extra.

I don't really have that much to say right now. What's wrong with me?! lol... Bye!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Mindy made me re-evaluate my PASSIONS. She made a point on her blog - that we mixed up general interests with passions.

PASSION (pash-on)
1. Ardent love.
2. Boundless enthusiasm.

... yeh they're still passions!

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Okay you impatient buggers... I'm blogging!

FRIDAY 8 Aug 2003
Went to Sol Bar on Oxford St. for Dee's birthday. Mel drove me up along with a bunch of her high school friends. It was a good party. Nice to see all the Peakers again :). Sol Bar just wasn't me. It felt a bit seedy. I guess if you take away all the drunk chicks throwing themselves onto guys - then Sol Bar's a nice place :) Mel and I headed home early-ish though. Didn't wanna be walking around Kings Cross so late. We d&m'd on the way home which was good.

SATURDAY 9 Aug 2003
Today was a laaaaaaaazy day. I woke up late-ish with no-one home (AGAIN!!) and I began organising the pictures that I got developed during the week (Somehow 150 pictures turned into 147?). I bought double sided tape in order to mount the pictures into the scrapbook I bought from Lincraft the day before. I also bought another album... when I discovered all my pictures weren't going to fit in the scrapbook.

That took about 2 hours or so. It was really fun too because I got to look back on lots and lots of memories that are no long confined to the volatile environment of my computer. I decided I didn't want to stay home that night so I sms'd Mamo to see what he had planned for the night. I had heard from Mel that he was planning to have an American Pie 3 outing that night. Mamo confirmed this and I proceeded to plan the night out. Managed to get Mel, Dave, Joe and Bjorn to come out - and the LL's joined us once we got to Parra. We had dinner at City Extra then rushed it to Village coz we were late-ish for the movie. The movie itself was pretty funny! I really liked it minus the humungous boobs - but what else do you expect from the American Pie series aye? HEHE.

SUNDAY 10 Aug 2003
Nothing much happened today. It was just Church with a little "you will be in charge of the parish youth" talk from Fr. Thanh after mass. Vid and I went straight to the MHCC Formation where we reminisced about the July retreat and excited ourselves about ADORE 2004. OOH TIME FOR A PLUG!

What: ADORE 2004
Where: Telstra Dome, Melbourne VIC
When: Th20040122 - Su20040125
What For: ADORE is an event to further strengthen the conviction of young people to embrace every human being with the love of Christ by preserving his presence inside every heart and mind, especially through Eucharistic communion and adoration, the use of the Sacrament of Confession and the meditation on his life though the Holy Rosary
From Me: It's a huge event - our biggest obstacle is getting all the youth that really want to go all the way to Melbourne. It's going to be VERY worth it, I promise you won't leave feeling let down. Let me know if you're interested okay?


Went to work. E-mailed 'The Ring' (hehe) and planned a little surprise get together for Bjorn's birthday. Dave and I had class after work, then we met the uni group (incl. MINDY... who has just come back from EVERYWHERE!) and headed down to King St. for some Wagamama. Lee, Anabel and Joe even drove up so it was a really successful night for something we planned during the day! If you're ever stuck on a place to eat... Wagamama's pretty fantastic! I loved the food there!

THURSDAY 14 Aug 2003
* Work
* Payday
* Met the girls at Parra, had lunch at Bellini's then bummed at my house until bed time

FRIDAY 15 Aug 2003
Our e-mail at work was being a bit gay so I couldn't really e-mail 'The Ring' Friday. Sucked lots because I really wanted to do something Friday night and the default planning medium (e-mail) was out! Anyways, I think we decided to wing it at night since noone could decide on anything concrete. I called Minh after church and plans turned out to be KK @ 2130.

Dave and Mel picked me up from home, and after a quick stop at Dave's we met Minh, Will, Mindy and Phil @ KK. Ed and Amelia joined us while we were on the line too! Last night... I think we just talked it till 1:30am! Pretty fun!

We talked about PASSIONS. It was very interesting to guess/hear what everyone was passionate about. It was even MORE interesting to find out what people thought my passions were. They came up with:

* "Family... yeh family... your cousins? Yeh that's family."
* Religion
* Friends... giving advice...
* d&m's - "Mate, Nel LOVES her d&m's!", and.....
* "Programming... would that be your passion? I mean, would you actually go home, and program? *silence* OH MY GOSH!"

Pretty happy about mine. It was interesting to see how well everyone knew what their passions were... WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS? See if you know 5!

SATURDAY 16 Aug 2003
* Got woken up by Michael this morning who came by to drop of Therese's 21st invite - which is TONIGHT!
* Organised the ride to Therese's while eating KK for breakfast (yeh.... I know)
* Did some laundry
* Got Dave to help me get msblast.exe off my computer

Plan to...
* Go to the gym
* Shop for tonight, Lish's 21st next week - I LOVE 21STs!!
* Stop by KK (again!) to get tonight's dessert
* Go to Therese's 21st


I'm getting together some very prelim plans for my 21st. I'm pretty sure the venue's going to be my back yard - just gotta come up with a program... let me know if you don't want to make a speech, coz I'll probably get everyone too - it's bighead night for me :D

Anyways... take it easy homies. Bye!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

* Saw the girls for a briefy Saturday evening
* Aaron's 21st @ his house Saturday night
* JAS' 21st @ his house later that Saturday night
* Put 150 pictures - $90 worth - of digital pictures into KODAK for development. I was supposed to get them back this arvo, but I left work too late :(

21 Questions
1. Do you believe in being in a relationship "for now"? With that in mind, do you believe in not being with a particular person "right now"?
Y'see... I really believe that girls want to settle down way quicker than boys do, so I easily believe in the second question. I reckon that there's no great need to attach yourself to one person. There are a lot of people in the world, and who's to say that a person that I choose right now will be the one and only person for me? There may be, however, those one or two people that I'd like to be with - but not now. I reckon lots of people my age are still figuring themselves out, including a mad lot of boys! I've been single for a while now, and I've learnt so much about myself and my limits and I've gained an independence you can't really get in a dependent relationship. This means making up my own mind about things. I love it! I figure, if there are guys out there that are doing that... why stop them? As time goes along its merry way, people are gonna want something for keeps and I reckon that's when the quality of relationships will up.

With that in mind, at this stage in my life, I don't believe in "for now" relationships. They're just not for me. Ask me 4 years ago, and I may have had a different opinion. I just reckon there are too many emotions and energy involved in a "for now" relationship.

None of the above is to say that a) No-one can find the right person at a younger age; people do mature at different stages in their lives, and b) "For now" relationships can't blossom into "For much longer than now" relationships... just in case you've misread me.

2. If you knew someone was keeping something very secret, and it's possible they're keeping it for a valid reason, do you force it out of them?
I'm just asking because I know I wouldn't seriously continue to push it out after feeling resistance. Thing is, I know some people think I'll budge when I have my secrets, and I find myself in a compromising position - HM.

That's my insight for today :) Bye!

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Why does my blogger editing screen change depending on what computer I log into? Weird.

Ready for the second installment of the SNOWIES2k3 trip? I'm still going through withdrawals. They'll go away soon... hopefully.

THIS TIME LAST WEEK: We just arrived at Blue Cow for Skiing Day 2
 Bjorn and I managed to be the only ones with sore muscles
 We had an awesome, but fatty, breakfast
 We took some pictures that'd get Llewol in trouble if he became president *rollseyes*
 We cheered about having more van space since our bags weren't in there
 We bought some anti-freeze just in case, and didn't end up using it
 We got hit with the national park fee we managed to escape the day before
 Joe won a game of backseat chess
 We sooked about how, if we bought our lift passes at Perisher, we'd get them cheaper

The second day of skiing was definately better! It was a beautiful day, so we were all able to ski without trying to protect ourselves from pelting snow. I went down a run with the better-than-me people, came last and took the T-bar lift up with Mel.... since I mastered it with Bjorn the day before :)

Bjorn, Minh, Liv, Phil and I all joined a beginner lesson down Pleasant valley and when we got to the top again, Bjorn and I were the only ones that made it. Not really sure what happened to the others. Bjorn and I took one last run down Pleasant Valley then decided to take a break. During our break, we decided that we conquered Pleasant Valley already so we needed a challenge. We remembered Hana and Joe talking about Mt. Guthega the day before and we decided, whether we died or not, we were gonna conquer Mt. Guthega! We got a trail map and studied it carefully and went on our way.

We went down the early starter run so we could check out our route on the way back up the lift. On our way to the Guthega peak, we ran into Lily and Lowell who skiied with us to, and stacked it with us at the foot of the J-bar lift. They ultimately went ahead of us because I was slow and Bjorn and I were generally crapper than them HAHA. A J-bar and T-bar lift later we got to the top of Guthega and powered down it. It was the maddest!! We felt very accomplished after that!

We called it a day then. We met the others and went back to Perisher where we (minus Liv+Minh) decided to stick around for night skiing. We had dinner while we waited at this Italian place at Perisher.

When we got to the night skiing runs, we were told we had the wrong lift passes so most of us got discouraged and headed back to the car. I was about to truddle off until Llewol suggested we have another go at sneaking on the lifts. We made it! So five of us (LLx2, Mel, Bjorn and I) got to experience unauthorised Perisher night skiing - OOOOOH! It was an awesome run too! After two runs, consisting of two stacks each and coming last... I managed to conquer the run on my 3rd go! No falls at all!! When I got to the bottom, Bjorn decided to call it a night and head back because he was feeling too confident. The rest of us stayed for one more run. I stayed mainly because I wanted to do a no-fall run one more time.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen for me.

On my way to the top of the run after getting off the lift, I crashed into the back of Lily's skis and expected a graceful fall..... but ended up hearing icky cracking noises instead. EW! Long story short, the others got a ranger to take me down in a sled (looking as pathetic as ever) and got me checked out. I was okay... I just strained my outer left ligament pretty bad so walking was a slow and careful exercise over the next days.

From the best of my knowledge, the guys that missed out on night skiing made snowmans and had snow fights without us. The others told them to bring the van closer to where we were so I wouldn't have to walk so far to get to them. It was so funny! The van attempted a rescue... but got bogged instead! They drove into snow and couldn't get out! Luckily another stupid group of people bogged their car in, and our crew and their crew (of three!) managed to get both vans out of the snow. We headed home then........ after a 10 minute delay coz we had to look for the missing wheel brace in the snow unsuccessfully.

That night was relaxing. The shops were closed so it was alcohol free so we just played a very excited game of CHARADES. Phil taught us how to play BOK and "THE HAND GAME". I turned in around 3.30-ish and the still-awakes headed to bed an hour later (so I heard).

We were homebound the next day. We had a pancake breakfast, returned our gear and headed home. Felt very nostalgic at that point *sigh*. We had a stopover at Canberra for lunch and ended up back at Mel's safe. THE END.

I had the best three and a bit days with those people! Can't wait till next year! Seeya!