Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ok I need someone to break my heart. I need to be able to sing Brian Mcknight's One Last Cry about someone because when I saw Camile Velasco do it tonight - I was star struck! She's like USIdol3's version of AI's Bek LaVaunay! How cute is her little sister too? Remind's me of John's little cousin, Vivian, from a few weeks ago! I'm so glad I started taping the Top32 Episodes tonight!

Thanks to everyone that commented on my last post. It was all very enlightening :)

Just came back from a weekend away with the famz at Terrigal. My face is at a constant temperature of warm because Veed and I were so desperate to turn a few shades darker that we nixxed the sunscreen for a while. Lucky it's not as bad as the sunburn from Boxing Day last year. That was pretty bad.

Oh yeh... and on the good new front: I scored a casual job at Mac so I can work during uni! I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing because there are so many things on my plate this year... but I'm sure I'll get through it. If I can't take all the work, there are always ways to offload some of it right - temporarily, that is.

Does anyone else want to watch THE PASSION of the CHRIST? It looks so good! Seriously. When you've got a director that believes so much in the movie and its meaning... you've got to expect a product that's going to trigger so many different emotions. I'm really looking forward to it. Anyone that's interested in watching it with us on Wednesday 6.30pm @ Penrith... let us know!

Ummm... that's all I really have to say for now. I better get some shuteye. Peas out.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I'm at work at the moment... but I'm interested in what everyone has to say about this...

Seriously, I want to know.

What would make you lonely?

... then with an answer in mind:

Would you avoid that situation that would make you lonely AT ALL COSTS? If so, how would you do this?

If you come up with one... I'd really like to hear about it. Ta. Bye!

Why does the concept of lonliness almost always relate to relationships of the romantic type? What does it mean for all the people that never find their special someone? Does it mean that they will be lonley?

I have issues with that. I find it hard to accept that it is every single person's destiny is to find someone to love, like that. It's that kind of socially accepted attitude that ultimately makes people that don't find someone feel lonely isn't it? I don't know. I just have issues - because that influences people to invest time in looking for someone and then possibly finding someone that might not be right for them. What can happen then? What could happen is that these people might hold on to something that isn't right for them. People are stuck in physically or emotionally abusive relationships because of what they think is "love" (love doesn't HURT) and because it's just so scary to be on their own.

Something I think that is more damaging to someone's life than just not finding the right person to love, like that - is the sort of thing that people have commented about on this post: Not having the people that you really care about around. Not having your friends and your family around. Not having them around because you've pushed them away in one way or another. That's pretty sad.

Oh yeh... and Mindy's comment sparked up a new question in my head:

Can someone that cannot and will never be yours be someone you're meant to be with?

FINAL COMMENT: I truly believe that there will always be someone around to love you. I fear the wrong kind of love. It'll come for who it is intended - there's no need to search.

PS. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong. There are some things I might be know I'm blind to.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Ok if you couldn't be bothered reading my spiel down there about where I've been the past couple weeks... then just read this stuff that I've been meaning to blog but haven't...

I'm amazed about the power of HOPE. Veed and I were talking about it last week, and so many people - myself included - often make decisions, or put themselves into situations because of HOPE. Have you noticed that, if you wanted something that you couldn't have... but still had a smidget of hope left in your heart that you might eventually have it one day, you hold ever so tightly onto that bit of hope?

Does that make people like that, pathetic? Does it mean that they can't let go of their foolish dreams? Does it close their heart to other paths in life because they're still hoping that the path that they want to follow will open up for them one day?

I don't really know the answer to that. All I know is that, when I don't let go, it's because deep down in the smallest corner of my heart - there's still hope. No matter how foolish I may seem, even though the odds are against me... it's really hard to let go of that hope.

I remembered this week why people have best friends. There's something about the way they restore your integrity, the way they remind you that you're worth more than you think, the way they open your eyes to the things you refuse to see - without even really knowing it - that keeps you going.

That's all. Bye!
Happy Schmalentine's Day Everyone!

I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks on this thing huh? Well... tonight, the night where every couple's doing cute kisses and telling each other that they love each other, I get to stay home :) Nah it's cool though. But I'm here because... well you can only watch so many FRIENDS episodes in one night. I'm already up to Seaseon 6 (minus Season 4 - coz my mum bought it for me in the US)!

Anyways... I guess I have to tell you what's the happs been for the past two weeks huh? Okay okay...

I'll start with the weekends coz they're always easier to re-cap. Last Friday-Saturday was the first Friday-Saturday of the month so I spent Friday night-Saturday morning at church. It was really awesome coz so many of the youth made an effort to make it since it was gonna be our last vigil with Cor & Bobby. We stayed up most of the night... around 3-something the girls fell asleep in my van and the boys managed to stay awake till morning.

Last SaturdayDay, I trekked it to Parra Park with Mel for Ed's Farewell BBQ! Achievement of the day? I know how to play frisbee! I'm not very good at it... but whatever, at least I know how to play! Gonna miss the Ed-sta!

Last Saturday night we had a dinner with the more senior MHCC Sydney kids + Steph from MHCC Melbourne. We had dinner at Carne Station in Parra after Veed and I waited and talked in the car for almost 2 hours! After dinner, we retreated back to Cyrille's house where we played, hands down, the most fun game of Taboo EVER! Have you guys realised how fun that game is? Well... it is! The evens won that (YAY!) and we ate the odds in Pictionary too! I think it's because Cor and I were too overly competitive! HEHE

Sunday was very... emotion-filled. We went to Cyrille's house again for our last MHCC meeting with Cor and Bobby. It was really beautiful. Then we just hung around, ate a very well deserved lunch, and a bunch of us went to Good Shepherd for mass together. It was a loooooong day. As much as I'm terrified about what we've been left with... we're gonna keep going... keep going!

Last Thursday night we had Farewell Drinks for the summer students that finished up their summer program with Mac the following day. Even though I'm still gonna be working there for another couple of weeks... it just felt like the end of an era or something. It really has been an awesome experience - a part of me really wants to stay!! We'll see...

Last Night was pretty fun! I met Minh and Mel after work for a girl's night out. We went to dinner at Savana's... we stayed there for a couple hours - the only reason we left was because it was so obvious they wanted us to go already (they were packing chairs up and EVERYTHING!). SO, we spent another couple hours parked in my van (we love vans) just talking about whatever. It's so good to have catch-ups like that! Especially when you don't get to see your friends in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of every day life y'know?

Today, Mel and I made a last minute trip to the City to get our hair straightened! I miss walking through the Central Station tunnel! I'll no doubt be doing lots of that in a couple weeks *sigh* When we got to the hair salon, we found Dee sitting down getting her hair done too! Damn how coincidental right? Anyways... 5 hours later, my hair is shorter but....... a guy could probably not tell the difference. You know what? A girl would have to touch my hair to find out it's been straightened because when they'd done half my hair, it looked pretty much identical to the half of my head that hadn't been straightened =
... oh deja vu "Nel, you spend $x to make your hair look exactly the same as it did before!" Hm.

I think that's all. If I remember more, I'll tell ya later! Okay bye!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Happy February all.

End of the weekend. Tomorrow begins the start of a whole new week - woohoo!

It was Cat's 21st birthday party last night. I managed to cop me a new dress while roaming around Parra in the morning. When I got there, I realised how bad I was at choosing a dress to match with the occasion OOPS! Whilst everyone was frolicking around with black, red, pink or neutral colours, I managed to rock up in a light blue dress. Felt very left out =
It was a very beautiful night. Food was great, venue was great, visuals were enjoyable too.

After Cat's... was fun. It's funny how, as you get older, the more low-key your "after-parties" become. We planned to take it to Dave's and watch a DVD - now that sounds semi-cool right? When we got there, we discovered we couldn't do that coz his brada was watching some other movie. Soooooo, we did something that might just qualify for semi-semi-semi-semi-cool...

... we sat in Joe's van, talked, debated, listened to CDs and............ sang along to them!

Weirdest part is... we did that for around 2 hours or so. Gee we're cool.

Okay, well I'm being more productive with this site (sort of), so there are pics from Cat's up now. Seeya!