Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hola Amigos!

Spanish is good. I'm loving it. I just need to do something before next Wednesday as a serious attempt to immerse myself in the language that is Spanish!

What is NOT good is what the weather's doing right now (only boring people talk about weather... I've decided to be boring this morning =]). Weather or seasons actually. I wake up every morning at ten-to-six because the light's shining through my window so strong I HAVE to get up. Last night, before I went to sleep, I closed my curtains to attempt to get a longer sleep this morning... didn't really get that much of a benefit. I was up at half nine. Damn. Can't wait till DST kicks in tomorrow! Even though I need that extra hour to study for my IA exam =\.

So, I've managed to stay away from Blogger for a week. Damn.

* Tommy's 21st Birthday was last Friday night. I didn't blog about it. But it was aiiight considering I don't like strippers and we got kicked out after 10 min! That was okay... we ended up chillin it at Darling Harbour afterwards.

* Mel's 21st Birthday Celebrations started Sundee with a mid-afternoon lunch at her house. It was quite nice. I think we spent half the time trying to get the Magic Mic to work... and in the end, we hardly even used it. The boys amused themselves with the footy over the fence, just before getting into a little handball match a little before I left. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEW!

* Monday, work then gym. Tuesday, work then uni. Wednesday, work then Spanish.

* Congrats to Uh-Lee-Suh on her new job! So excited for her! Hope it all turns out lovely for ya!

* Went for drinks with the IT team plus a few IT'ers that left SS a while back. Is it bad to feel so comfortable in the presence of boys? I think I find it less intimidating when I'm amongst a group of guys I don't really know... rather than being amongst a group of girls I don't really know. Is that weird? Oh well. We spent 2 and a half at the Slip Inn before heading to Tony Roma's for dinner. I had to check out earliest because I was the baby and needed the parentals to come out from home to pick me up! I felt all sixteen again!

* Didn't get a great deal of sleep Thursdee night. Which made Friday a little restless and unproductive at work. When I got home I SO did not want to go out. Had to though...

* Headed into the city with Nix and Veed for Mew's joint party at (minc). T'was a good night. Went kinda quick but I had fun and I hope Mew did too despite her lack of presence for a lot of the night ;). Oh quote of the night:
HANA: When did you get braces?

* Woke up early again this morning (as I said early)... and put up some CLIX. Enjoy homes. Let me know if you want more. I got stax!

... to my #1 blog fan. Wuttup JASbaby! Thanks for coming to my page FIRST before anyone else's. Doesn't matter if you were lying. I'll just pretend you were telling the truth =D!


Oh yeh. I'm really disappointed in someone right now. I may not be the most nurturing of all friends, but I at least have the decency to acknowledge their presence. It's really amazing what some people do for their girlfriends. All I have to say is: whOO-PSH!

Saturday, October 18, 2003


Does the fact that someone who has managed to have two kids out of wedlock by the age of 25 make them more slutty than someone that's had sex with 2 or more people slept around a tonne by the age of 21 but hasn't had any kids?

REALLY. I was so upset to hear someone actually had the nerve to imply that.

Oh yeh...

Do you think it's possible for someone to be so into someone they've never been with? Just asking.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Chau! Mi llamo Nelisa.

I'm really happy at the moment. Anyone I've talked to since about 9am yesterday probably knows why. All I can think about is how much He loves me. He has given me an opportunity that I've been praying for and I can hardly believe that I deserve it. I'm not looking for any pity compliments or anything... but seriously... I've got this battle raging inside me. I've fallen so often and He - rewards me? It doesn't seem fair. But I also believe that what happens in this world is His will. He has allowed me to follow this new path and I just pray that I make the most of it. I pray that I don't let Him down.

In other news, Alisa and I went to our first Spanish class last night! I'm so excited about it! We learnt just a few phrases last night. I reckon we start getting into it next week. Can't wait. Another thing good about Spanish classes is that I get to hang out with Alisa. I NEVER see that girl as much as I see my other friends. It was so fun just to have so much time to catch up on EVERYTHING! When she dropped me off, we sat in the car for a bit just talking about all sorts of things we can't talk about because of our separate lives. It was awesome. She had to speed off though.

There was this stationwagon just driving up and down my street really slowly. It got REALLY weird when it had passed at least 5 or 6 times. The next time it drove up, it switched its headlights off for a couple houses before switching them back on and driving passed us again. That freaked us out so she had to leave and I raced into my house. My mum, dad and I stood just inside my door with the porch light off seeing if the car was gonna come by again. It didn't. Then, this guy walked up the street and stopped in front of the house across the road. He sorta stood there for a bit then ran all the way back from where it came from. SPOOKY! I'm glad Al got out though. I was freaking out because she wasn't picking up my calls after I got into the house.

Okay... it's late. Buenas Noches!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Just watched From Justin To Kelly. Verdict?

It was a little cheesy for me. But that's just me. Veed loved it, of course. I did decide that I'd like to date a dancer though. There was this bit at the end where Justin *drool* did a body roll on Kelly. Sounds puncy aye? My, my did I drop!

Justin is hot. That's all. PaYcE.

'tis been a while... sorta.

My week hasn't been super exciting. Main highlights:
* Bek got eliminated from Australian Idol. I'm a little sad about it.

* Work's gotten me programming again. I was programming happily on Friday arvo - and since I was having issues, I'm gonna practise tonight if I can't find anything else to do.

* Dad came back Tuesday morning so I picked him up from the Airport early in the morning and then parked in the dungeon before rocking up late to work :) KKK came over and we watched the video my Dad took in New Jersey and we got a little nostalgic.

I want to travel so badly. I don't know where, and I don't know who with. I don't know a lot of people who are REALLY up for some serious travelling sometime next year or the year after. I was talking to my Ate Christina today and she said that her 6 week trip to Europe set her back $10k++! Her advice to me today: Don't buy yourself a car. Don't waste your money on that - invest it and travel OKAY!

Oh yeh, the 21st is back on. Probably start planning at the end of the month.

I'm going to learn Spanish starting next week! Alisa signed us up late last week and - we're in! I'm really excited man!

Do you guys know how to FLIRT? Coz I was thinking about it... and I'm not sure I know how to do it. And even if I did, I'd feel super unco! Like, there was this time a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my friend and, in the back of my mind, I asked myself "Am I flirting??" You know what? That made me cringe! I'm sure I've done it sometime in the past - but really, what's its purpose? Because I link flirting directly with courtship nowadays. WEIRD.

Okay, that's it. Byebye!

Okay, I don't really have anything else to talk about, but I thought you might want to know what else is going through my mind...

* Kellyville has deteriorating radio signal. When we went there today, I was thinking "It's be nice to live here coz it looks cozy". Thing is, it's far from everywhere and - the radio goes all crackly... what's the mobile network signal gonna be like!? Damn.

* Oh yeh, when I roll out of bed now, I see my reflection. My wardrobe doors were replaced with sliding mirrors so my room looks bigger, but unfortunately, you can't walk into the mirror (my mind's weird isn't it?). I'm about 90% finished putting all my clothes and stuff back in there.

* Renee Geyer looks a bit evil. She said something negative about AI - does she not know that Bekbek (you people are dirty) made her song popular? I don't know about any of you other Bek fans, but the first thing I did after she got eliminated was download "Heading in the Right Direction". I think Bek sings it better. But Renee isn't bad. She's quite good actually. Blues is cool.

* Upcoming events: Tommy's 21st next Friday. Mew's 21st celebrations on the 19th and the 24th! Mew, I've got a tentative speech man. I think it's about 2 sentences long because I don't want to waste brain power if I'm not gonna use it. I'll just write it in your card =)

* Hilary Duff is so HOT!

* Kelly Clarkson makes falling in love so exciting. "Miss Independent" - not really... but "Before Your Love" and "A Moment Like This". Damn. The path to finding the next Mr. Nelisa is gonna be hard man. If he makes any first moves, I'll think CONFIDENT! straight away. Problem is, I'd never make the first move. I look like I'm gonna be picky... I reckon I'll end up settling. You can't be picky without options. HAHA.

* ADORE2004 is coming... and so are all of you!

* I'm sleepy. Bye!

Monday, October 06, 2003

... and II: You.

I'm sorry for making you feel the way that you do. I think our problem stems from lack of communication. I find it really difficult to open up to you completely because of what's happened in the past. Y'see, I still feel like I'm rebuilding lost trust.

You don't know how many times I've felt the exact same way about you.

Just to keep this short... You're not a worthless inclusion to my life. I guess we just need to put everything in the past way behind us. Like I told you before, it's hard to re-form a relationship when memories of bad past experiences are still in the back of someone's mind. Let's just move on okay?

As for what was wrong with me when you asked - that's behind me now. I don't feel comfortable talking about it - that's why I didn't want to expand when you asked me. Sorry if that made you feel worthless.

Okay... Peas hun... <3ya.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

It's funny when you listen to a song and hear what other people hear when you talk to them:

I'm not tryna mess with yall today man/ I know what yall gon try to do/ Tryna hook me up with him/ And let me talk to him/ Nah man I'm not... no/ I don't wanna experiment and date around/ You know I just want one guy/ I'm not, I'm not with all of that/ You know, meeting people/ And testin' the waters/ And stuff like that/ No, I just, I just want to date one guy/ And see where it goes from there

There's no reason for me to do what you want me to/ That's the truth/ Wanna chill by myself and its cool/ Despite what you may think/ Cause I say/ When the time is right/ The real thing will come into my life/ And until then I'm so satisfied/ And happy with me

Excuse the grammar, but wow.

My thought for the day: The strength of any kind of relationship is determined by the effort parties put into it

I guess it doesn't have to be a great effort, just an effort both parties are comfortable with. I know that some of the relationships I have require more committment, while others are strong without so much nurturing. That's all. Bye!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

II: Neex, Uhleesuh, Veed.
Contrary to anything I've told you recently, I'm not strong. That scares me. But you know what keeps me going? Your faith in me. I'm holding onto that so freaking tight right now. TTYL.