Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wanna hear something... exciting?


Not yet... in November... but you know where ELSE I'm going?


THAT'S in July...

I'm so excited! Very excited. There's so much to plan - so much money to lose - so much to do!

That's it.

My current Aloha! TODO List:
  • Bronze on Waikiki Beach
  • Go to Pearl Harbour
  • Go Kayaking and Snorkelling
  • Learn how to Hula
  • Go to a Luau
  • Take pictures in front of a sunrise/sunset
  • Get laidlei'd (I had to make that joke)
  • Hook up with an exotic Hawaiian boy (thanks Nix)

Any other suggestions??

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I had a mood swing today.

I had one of those train rides where all my thoughts were muddled and I was a confused mess. I just have a lot on my mind, I suppose. I need to flush some of this out of my head so I can think clearer........ but for now, I'll just blame PMS :)

So, if you came to my blog earlier today, I was quite the angry person. I had a lot of bad vibes in me. But I've turned it around and what's in my head is the following:

The pain when I cry or the happiness of my heart are proof that I'm living and not just existing

That really makes you appreciate every single emotion you feel. Every sorrow, every joy... it's all worth something.

Oh and we say it over and over again - things happen for a reason

A bit of wisdom that makes you appreciate everything that happens to you - good, bad, ugly... it has to happen.

Good to know. Bye!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Example of a girl's complicated and prolonged thought process...

Why I chose to publish this post...
I made such a funny joke today, so good I want to tell everyone about it
That's a bit loser though - who DOES that?
Ooh Mindy does!
But then if I do, I'd just be copying her...
Shut up, the joke's way too funny!


Ok, I've nixxed the joke because when I re-told it to my sister, she didn't laugh lots =
But this is way more worthwhile. I've never read a more interesting post on dishonesty.

Ta-ta luvz!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Mary J Blige - Sweet Thang
Stevie Wonder - Isn't she Lovely
Kyla - I Feel for You
Yolanda Adams - Never Give up

... add to that My Anthem

Beyonce - Me, Myself and I

Ok so WHY can't one day just be perfect. If CityRail waited one day before sending me the letter implying "I don't care if you left your ticket at home and proved it to us, you're still paying us $200 coz we need to pay our drivers more or more trains are gonna be cancelled"

I'm so mad. Do they think I've got money coming out of my nose? Gosh.

So anyway, back to my really exciting day (when I say exciting, of course, it's only really exciting to me)...

I went to uni and handed in my first bit of assessment for SysProg. 10% down, 90% to go. The lecture was really crap and the tutorial was useless because I didn't learn anything in the lecture. Good huh?

After walking out of the tutorial because it was useless, I headed up George St and over to State Library because I needed to get going on my Northern Star Holdings Ltd insolvency assessment for AFI. Can we say...


I had so much fun there. I spent the first half an hour tirelessly filling out resource request slips on ANYTHING that had to do with the company and found out we could only hand in 3 at a time and wait 25 minutes for the resources to be available. So when I managed to get on an e-Resource computer, I looked the company name up on their SMH searching thing and I got 44 articles! That really boosted my faith in our Insolvency project - seriously. I just need to find a way to get the team into the library (or another library that gives them access to articles in 1990) to read all 44 articles. I used those microfilm readers for the first time! They're very, very cool!

When I left the library, I was on a high. I pranked Mel coz I needed to have a one-sided vent - but then I remembered she was at uni Wednesday arvos, damn. So I was slightly surprised when I got a call from a Private Number soon after. Sucked in to Lowell who had to listen to me profess my love for the library.

I went in for my *free* flu vaccination at Mac (had to change from my slippers to smarter slip-ons coz I didn't wanna walk into Mac with tsinelas!) and ran into Danny! Damn, haven't seen that guy in years! We caught up for a bit and he pointed out that the nurse who gave me the vax hadn't given me a bandaid, and as a result, I had a little smidget of blood on my shirt - ew!!

On my way to the station, I heard that Mindy was in the city for Eric1's birthday so I decided to do some mini-catchups before going home. We had a good little catch up by BOOST Juice. Mamo and Minh came and they all got to listen to me declare my love for the library too! Mamo psyched me up to sing at his concert again - so now I'm thinking Kelly Clarkson's A Moment Like This a few key's down so I can reach the last verse hehe. I noticed that the Veed was pranking me crazy so I decided to leave with Mamo who had to leave early too. Good arvo.

... and it all got spoiled by that annoying StateRail fine! ARGH! Okay... I just realised I haven't done my homework for PMQA tomorrow =\ OOPS!! Catch ya later!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ok so I didn't get home in time for the beginnig of ALIAS last night... but I'll live. I just missed most of the battle of words between Lauren and Sydney. That woulda worked me up for sure! So tell me guys:

Lauren or Sydney?

What really annoys me about Lauren is her accent. The fact that she's got some British thing going but she's trying to sound almost American and she's still got twangs of Aussie in her. Mate. Can she please get killed off the show by a fire or something?

Anyway... since my life revolves around my thoughts my two favourite TV shows - and you've heard more than enough of my thoughts and my favourite Ch7 TV show, listen to my ponderings triggered by my other favourite TV show:

#1 - So Joey and Rachel. That was an interesting story. But something stuck in my mind - the way they couldn't really stay together because they were so close that they felt like brother and sister. Then they questioned how Chandler and Monica got together and Monica said something about how the two of them weren't close enough to feel the awkwardness that Joey and Rachel felt.

From that, I got that maybe the ideal situation of becoming best friends with someone then falling in love with them, like that, isn't really possible? Like reckon it could happen without all that awkwardness? I'm now thinking I've got this thing where I want to be good friends with someone that I'll get with, but now I don't want to get close enough that it'll feel sibling-ish.

So what should it be then? Friends first? Attraction first, then work the relationship later? And if you choose the Friends first option? How close do you get? Hm.

#2 - Mike proposed to Phoebe on Monday. Made me want that. That's all

#3 - Just something that got me thinking tonight from 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance'. Randi's mum went to talk to her brothers and her sister because the three of them didn't want to be a part of the wedding. She said something along the lines of:

"Do not turn your back on someone just because they disappoint you"

Before that, she said that she'd never stop supporting any of them if they disappointed her.

Made me think about the way I react when people in my life 'disappoint' me in one way or another. It's so difficult to deal with someone close to you doing something that doesn't, in any way, shape or form, sit well with you. What do you do? Are you supposed to just take it and support them? How far do you go to change their mind? How far do you go to knock some sense into them? What if 'knocking sense into them' really offends them and the friendship suffers? It's a bit of a tricky one. Any thoughts?

Ok, yes, I'm a TV junkie. Cheers dears!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm sitting on Lvl 10, 77 MP @ my mum's desk. I just got off the phone with Phil who is still at work. Well he's not working which is slightly less workaholic, but still, he's at work! I was playing on GOLD and looking for people I knew. I gave Lish a call too but her phone rang out and there was no voicemail for me to leave a seductive message in the morning (anyone that's heard my voicemail message at work would know why my messages could be labeled 'seductive' lol).

Don't tell anyone I'm a loser.

So, the weekend was quiet which is always good. The most noise was probably at Brandon's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday arvo. That's because there were lots of little kids and lots of people. I can't believe that boy's 1! I can't believe that he's about to have another baby brother or sister either!

The second noisiest affiar on the weekend was a pretty sub-dued karaoke night with Minh and Mel at my house. We were practising for Mamo's concert which should be happening sometime soon but none of us could think of a good song to sing. Well... I can't anyway.

LOOK AT THE TIME! It's almost 8pm and if I'm not out of here before 8.30pm, you know how antsy I'm gonna get coz I might miss ALIAS!

PLUG because it's got a good review on "The Passion of the Christ".

Anyways, I have uni tomorrow *groan* Mindy reminded me last night that I'm a FOURTH YEAR Damn. It seems like it was just yesterday I was meeting the then fourth years back in second years and thinking "Woah... still got a long way to go till I get to their stage!" But now, I'm one of them... then. How old does FOURTH year sound?

I can't wait till this is all over. Then... I might do a post-grad... KIDDING! Well, maybe. I'll analyse my drive when the time comes.

Ok team, I'm gonna go surf the net on Phil's Internet account! Seeya!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


What are yours?

I was thinking about the way I live my life. How different would your life be if you just shift a few of your priorities? This goes with a quote I had a few months ago from one of Stacie Orrico's songs:

"You can be who you want to be. But whether you do, whether you don't, depends on your PRIORITIES"

I think that's so true. When you come to a fork in the road of life (ok... that sounds sooooo inspirational book-y) and you have to make a choice, how do you choose? You prioritise, no? You choose the path that really matters, right?

Then say you make a choice. Then you look back and start questioning whether you made the right decision. Does that mean you got your priorities wrong? Maybe not wrong, but maybe you didn't know and understand your priorities well enough to make an educated decision.

Who/what is it that you plan your life around? Is it self-satisfaction, career success, education, family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, some higher being? Which factors of your life can cause other factors in your life to be disregarded or rainchecked because it holds a higher priority? Do your priorities make sense to you?

I thought I had my priorities all figured out. It was only on Sunday that I realised what my #1 priority in my life had to be. It goes without saying, but it's the only stable factor in my life. The only aspect in my life that always makes me feel safe, that reminds me that I'm loved. Isn't that the kind of path that we all want to take? The path that's stable and never-failing? I reckon this factor is different for everyone - but regardless of what this factor is, I believe that this aspect of someone's life that they hold as their highest PRIORITY needs to be something safe, right?

I don't know where this all came from? It's been on my mind the past few days. It's just interesting to think about, I reckon. Whether you're clinging to something strong and something that won't ever fail you.

This is the kind of stuff that goes through my mind. This is where I vent it. Feels good. Ok bye!
Nothing's ever gonna change the way I feel
The way it is, is the way that it was...
When I said I do
I meant that I will
'Till the end of all time

Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore - When I said I Do

That's the song I was alluding to when I commented on Mindy's blog today. It really does have some beautiful lyrics but the verses just hurt it.

Sorry for the neglect aye. I've been pretty busy - I think. I figure that's a good stock excuse for not blogging for those who check in on me every so often.

Ok... so the happs:

I saw THE PASSION of the CHRIST on Wednesday. I'd review it but I've read two good reviews on it already - and those two pretty much sum it all up. But I guess for completeness...

I really liked it. I can't say I enjoyed it because watching it stirred up so much sorrow and shame in me. THAT'S what I believe it was about. We all know the story... but the Bible tells it so briefly. The Bible said "... and they scourged Him...". What did everyone expect? I don't know. Some people were touched, some people were heavily blinded by doubt and by all the controversy surrounding the film. People spent so much time looking for hints of anti-Semitism that they didn't see His mercy, and His love. That's what I think the movie was about. It was LOVE.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends" John 15:13

What happened after that day...? Oh yes, I saw the girls on Friday night for a bit. We went to some hotel (location check?) lobby to have coffee and just talk. Apparently, I forgot to pay for my drink - OOPS! Sorry guys... next round's on me! How embarrassing is that? Anyway, I couldn't stay long because I had to meet some kids that came up from Melbourne for the weekend. We heard mass at Homebush, bonded, then retreated on home. That night Claire taught me how to do morning and evening prayers using the brieveries - that stuff's amazing!

This is how the rest of my weekend panned out:
* PostADORE2004 Recollection at Homebush Saturday morning to around lunch time. We chilled out till everyone had to go to watch "The Passion..." again (some of the Melbournites hadn't seen it yet).
* I didn't get to go because I took a stroll down the street to Bernadette's 21st Birthday Party. That was lovely. This is a girl I practically saw grow up. We don't get to see each other much unfortunately but I can seriously say she's one of the best friends I could have! We both live very separate lives... and I saw that when I was at her party. She had so many different kind of friends (cute American International Students *drool* and their girlfriends *rollseyes*) AND she's become a really sexy dancer. I was making eyes at her from my corner and my my does that girl know how to shake it! I was so jealous! She reckons she learnt how to dance from me - I think NOT! I got up there and there was NO WAY I could move my hips the way she did!

* Just had a prayer meeting in the afternoon. Had a cake for TEEEEEEJ and then retreated to Cy's to chill till we had other places to go
* Went to Menard's house, invited the rest of the youth and hung out, watched the boys play ball for the rest of the night

* Left the house at 6 to go to Church and send the Melbournites back home =(
* Cy, Penny, TJ and Bianca came over and we watched Fighting Temptations. I think we all fell asleep at some stage during that movie. There was a point when we were all lazing around the house just sleeping because the weekend that PASTED (sorry, Minh... had to do it hehe) didn't allow for lots of sleep.
* Went to my first Uni lecture. Can we say 'boring'? I had to resent to making comments under my breath to Mel (who sat in on the lecture - I don't know why she put herself through that misery! LOL) because that was way more interesting than hearing about Software Engineering Issues.

TUESDAY - Went to work.

WEDNESDAY was today. I went to uni again for my only class where I am nigelated. I managed to walk in half an hour too early because I thought my class started at 11.30am. I realised I was in some "Network Servers" class after a minute and I proceeded to excuse myself out. How gay is that? Anyway... sysprog is currently boring. I'm vowing to learn vi sometime soon because using gEdit just doesn't look cool (and by "cool", I mean "geeky") enough - plus Llewol reckons using anything but vi makes you fake.

After my lecture, I called my sister to claim her because I had noone to chill with at uni. Uni's crap when there's noone to chill with. I'd go with Minh but I think her class finished much earlier than mine did. I went to Parra with my sister to shop because I don't have enough clothes for uni in my wardrobe :( PLUS I want a bag - PLUS I want new shoes. Ran into Alisa and Alex so we caught up on the L5 Foodcourt where Alex gave me some quick vi pointers. See? I'm DETERMINED!

Ok... that's all you guys need to know about my life for now. I had something else to blog about... but this post is long enough. BRB!