Sunday, June 29, 2003

As predicted, my layout's not up yet because:
1. It's not finished, and
2. Content is virtually non-existant =
So we're going to have to wait MORE! It should be taking a backseat because I've got uni reports to do but... eh.

It's been a week... and what a week it's been (that sounded like I said the same thing twice heh).


* Referred Pam for a Junior Accounts position. The day after her loooooong interview, she got offered the job! WEE! Two-out-of-two!
* Shopping with Melicious Thursday night. Bought a burberry (sp?) scarf and earrings from Prouds. Also met the girls Thursday night for a bit.
* Joined FitnessFirst on Thursday night. Veed and I got up extra early Friday morning to get an hour's workout at the gym before work. <3-ing FitnessFirst! I went again yesterday after dropping Veed off at work - that place really motivates me!
* Youth meeting Friday night followed by dinner at Macca's and singing practice at the cousins' house.

The past 24-and-a-bit hours have been pretty non-stop. I got up early yesterday morning to take Veed to her greenP's test @ 0900 and trekked back to Stockies for my dentist appointment @ 0930. I managed to get too Stockies early so I bought a Diesel jacket at the Loose Threads sale - 50% off! YEH!

Picked Veed up after the dentist's and dropped her off at Parramatta for work. Then came my hour and a half at the gym. I lost track of the time so I had to speed to Mt. Druitt afterwards to make our 1300 MHCC Formation. I went back to Parra after formation where I ran into Phil while waiting for my sister to finish work. Phil hadn't bought Mindy's birthday card, so I bought it and signed it since I wasn't going to be at that night's dinner =(. Phil waited till my sister broke out of Prounds then we went home.

Rushed to get ready for Tita Glo and Tito Chi's 25th Wedding anniversary. I managed to squeeze in a little "Ma,canIsleepoverAlisa'shousetonight?" while I was getting ready, and to my surprise, she said yes to my last minute request! That meant, on top of getting ready for the anniversary, I had to burn a CD for the performance and get my stuff ready for Alisa's sleepover.

Our first stop for the night was a quick MHCC core group meeting at Cor's house. We got to the anniversary a little past 2000 and got into anniversary mode. We a cappella'd "Thank God I found You" (where Kristela sang like the songbird herself!) shortly before performing "Dirrrty" for the Umpteenth time. We left around 2330, me in one car and the rest of the family in the other car.

I called Mel to see whether they were still in the Parra district (THIRD time driving to Parra yesterday!), and they were! I dropped in to Sicilian where everyone was just about ready to leave - but at least I got the chance to say Bon Voyage to The Europe Bound (Mindy, Lish & Clare) and Happy Birthday to Accenture's newest employee =D.

I got to Alisa's sometime past 0000 Sunday where I jumped into my PJ's and caught up on the evening's festivities! We ate... and ate... then we drank tea to flush it all out. Loriann fell asleep first and, as predicted, I passed out aroune 3am. When I woke up, Al, Ana and Vin (who hadn't slept!) reported that their... tea had worked and we chatted until their boyfriends plus Cruz came back stinkin' like fish (esp. Merv!). After we all got ready, we headed to City Extra for breakfast then we all went our separate ways.


Went straight to church from there... got home, unpacked then... here I am! Blogging. Cheers braaahzz!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

I need a new layout. Suggestions please? COLOUR at least? Ta.

I went to KrispyKreme today after dropping Veed off at work. Yeah, the dOUGHnuts are:
1. Yum
2. Sweet, and
3. Filling (fatty filling)

Worth the hype? Yeah... you should go while it's still new - feel the ambience. But to me, they're still only donuts. Just sweeter. My favourite was the original glaze's. Plain but the most satisfying =)

I dropped by the cousins' house to give them some donuts (coz we bought 3 boxes and had 2 and a half left!). I hung out there for a bit then I went home where I realised a friend of mine decided to arrive without notice. It gave me quite a shock actually coz I wasn't expecting them so soon but......... whatever.

Meanwhile, it's only a couple more weeks till the MillCreek'ers from the USA come down! I'm very excited coz I can't wait to see the kiddies again! They're so cute!

Yeah, that's all. Help me out on the layout thing okay? Peas.

OOH! New layout's coming along. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the LAYOUT. It's late so I couldn't be bothered doing the rest just year.
Tentative release date: Saturday, 28th June 2003

... that's if I can get some content together too! Bye!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

How's this for love?
Today, I got Veed a job at work! They don't even need her to come in for an interview or anything! They're happy for her to start ASAP - so she's starting tomorrow. I hope she yields much from the experience =D

In other news...
* I'm returning to the gym. I figured that with the snows coming up and all, I need to get fit! I went in on Monday morning - bright and early @ 7am - and the soreness still in my legs right now tells me that I have A LOT of work to do. I'm probably gonna head back out once the Veed gets home from Jessica's.

* Monday saw my first and only exam this semester. I was quite happy with the way I did. There wasn't anything in there that I wish I learnt more about which was good. In accounting, if it balances - I'm happy (or I'm wrong with a tiny error). When beginning cash + total cash inflow (outflow) = end cash - I'm happy.

* I really believe exercise makes you happy. State in the following transitive and evident in my moods lately.
"Exercise makes endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." -- LEGALLY BLONDE


Saturday, June 14, 2003

Hope nobody read that. I was doing my emotionals this afternoon again.

Luckily, sleep does lots of good stuff - the most important being helping me forget things.

I'M THE PROCRASTINATOR OF LIFE! I haven't studied for my exam on Tuesday. I plan to soon, but I know I probably won't until Monday. I might start tomorrow... probably won't.

We'll see how we go... bye!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Today was one of those days:

... I wish I had one of those phone cameras on the train. You shoulda seen the face on the guy sitting about 5 seats away from me, facing me, playing his phone games. There was so much concentration in his face - I had to restrain myself from laughing.

... I wish there were toilets on my train. Actually, let me rephrase that. Today was one of those days I wish there were clean toilets on my train. I had to meet my parents for the train, and I was already running late (as per always) so I decided to pass on going to the toilet before leaving work. BIG MISTAKE. I was antsy all the way home!

... I wish we could call our cars, and they'd drive up to you. That'd be sweet. That came up mainly because, today, we parked heck far from the station because I woke up late. Walking in the dark isn't very pleasant in Fairfield.

Guess what? My boss asked me if I needed a day off work to study for my exam next week. HOW SWEET! I was planning to not take any work off, but since he offered, I'm down for Tuesday off next week! Anyone wanna come with me to UWS Parra next Tuesdee?

Anyways, as per Alisa's request, here are last weeks FridayFive (in French!):

1. Combien de fois avez-vous été en amour?
Once. Moving on.....

No, I'm joking. But seriously... if love is the feeling I felt when I was with him, then once. First and (so far) only love. I wonder whether, if there is a next time, it'll feel the same as that. First love (and not to mention young love) is exciting. I wonder what real and mature love feels like...

2. Qu'est-ce qui est le plus fantastique de la personne que vous aimez ou avez aimé le plus?
Oh, THIS is why Alisa wanted me to do this! I think, probably, the way he made me feel important. The way that, after everything we'd been through, he still wanted to be with me. The way that I was his one and only and we could be TOTALLY comfortable with one another. People change... people grow up and apart. It happens.

3. Quelle qualités aimez-vous retrouver chez un(e) partenaire?
They need to be understanding...
They should have a genuine care for their partner...
They should be trustworthy...
They need to be patient (because apparently, I'm complicated)...

4. Avez-vous déjà brisé le coeur de quelqu'un?
Probably not. Can't really answer this one.

5. Si il y avait une chose que vous pourriez enseigner à quelqu'un à propos de l'amour, que serait-ce?
Be smart. Be sure if you ever decide to give your heart away. Parents are right - mature love is more fulfilling so don't waste your time and your youth on something that won't last. There are better things to life than being tied down when you're young. Not to say that you should close up all your options. If it's there, it's there - but be sure.


Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Boy that rocks my world:

How many of you didn't cheer when Rory finally admitted that she wanted Jess all along. It's kinda sad that their relationship's gonna go through some toughies though. But I've always wanted her to choose Jess over Dean. I'm sorry but Dean just rubs me the wrong way.

Favourite Song of Praise:
"Now that you're near"

BOOST juice never fails me.

I think I'm self-involved.

Dope moment:
The ski posse needs to pay me back, but I gave them the wrong BSB Number.

Discussion point:
I watched Brown Suga the other night... and the night before that. I wonder if anyone is going to know and understand me upside down and inside out. Do I have to let some of me go because I'm too rigid?

Final note: