Saturday, January 31, 2004

Top of the mornin' to ya!

Gosh, end of January already! That means 2/3 of summer is gone :(

Love to the January babies: Cruz, John, Geoffy, Jjenn, Uncle Vic, Uncle Bimbo, Cathryn, Olivia and anyone in the first half of January because I don't have a good memory and I didn't store any birthdays in my phone then.

Weekend of 21st celebrations - 1 down, 1 to go.

John's 21st (to which I wasn't invited, but I was) was last night at Sheraton on the Park. Ritzy do indeeed! I initially rocked up in jeans and realised I was very underdressed when I got there to find noone in denim at all! Luckily, I brought a spare pair of capris just in case.

Buffet was awesome! I think I was close to food heaven that night!
Speeches were really great too - I think you know a speech is a good speech when even people who aren't close to the celebrant are enjoying it as much as anyone else. I don't consider myself real close to John or anything... but I learnt so much about him last night through the speeches :)
It was a spectacular night! WOO WOO!

Anyways... this post is mainly to let ya'll know that I put some pics up. Enjoy! Bye!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Alisa doesn't want to be the only one publicly and shamelessly declaring her love for AUSTRALIAN IDOL... so let me just tell you...


No joke... I think I'm gonna count those 2 hours, hands down, as one of the happiest 2 hours of my life. The minutes after it was over were definately one of my saddest times - realising that it's probably over.

Is that obsessed enough? HEHE.

Anyways, I don't have time to blog lots but I'll leave you with a picture of my favourites:
- The ones whose albums I'd shamelessly going to pump out of my Commo
- The ones who attributed to the sore throat I had when the night was over
- My Australian Idol loves....

LOVE LOVE Bek & Levi!

* in other news...
To guest & mw: TFC = The Filipino Channel. We get it via TARBS here in Sydney. That's all I know!

To everyone who reckons I'm too adamant toward my bitterness about relationships and love:
Sometimes I sit at home and wonder how it'd be
If he had loved me
I learned a while ago that kind of thing
Never happens for me
And so I go around
And just pretend
Love is not for me
I play the circus clown around my friends
Make them laugh and they won't see
That you never let them see you sweat
Don’t want them to think the pain runs deep
Lord knows it's killing me

So I put on my make-up
Put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me
Everything is okay
I’m laughing cause no one
Knows the joke is on me
Cause I’m dying inside
With my pride and a smile
On my face

Sometimes I sit at home
By the phone hoping he might call me
But he don't call me
But then I realize
Dreams come true aren't for girls like me
Not like me
And so I go around with my head up
Like it ain't no thing
And when the boys around with all my friends
I’m into other things
Because you never let them see you sweat
Don’t want them to think the pain runs deep
Lord knows it's killing me

It’s not an easy thing
Sometimes it’s hard to face the truth
It’s not the life that I would choose
But what else can I do?
If he don’t love me
If he don’t want me
I’m not about to sit around
Let myself go

To Alisa: Thanks for the song!

To ya'll that are wondering who he is: He doesn't exist... so stop guessing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ok... Lea Salonga just sang to her new husband on TFC tonight at their wedding.

It... was... beautiful. SHE was beautiful.

I'm in love.

Monday, January 26, 2004


... back to reality
... back to problems I left behind
... back to less people understanding why I say things I say
... back to the playground where I need HIM more than ever
... back to home sweet home

To be completely honest (and I'm sure you can pick it up up there), I don't want to be back.

The last 4-5 days
... I felt so secure
... I felt so peaceful
... I felt so normal
... I felt so strong
... I felt like I was invincible - and that's because I felt Him with me, around me, with all the people around me

ADORE 2004 was AWESOME! It doesn't get much better than that guys. I wish you all experienced it too. It really was beautiful.

Anyways... some crap:
* When I see MAGIC EYE pictures, the bits that are meant to be popping out are popping in and vice versa. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm long-sighted. It's really interesting though - well not to the "Queens of Interesting" Veed&Kristela but Kate and I thought it was cool

* Kris is really crap at tennis. She can run (without hurdles), she can sing, she can dance... but she can't play tennis!

* Walking down Bourke St, Melbourne with a 500 strong crowd full of youth is really amazing. We stopped traffic mate!

* Melbourne freeways are really organised

* The drive to Melbourne via Hume Hwy is way too long...... and way too sickening for the weak in stomach

* Some people, not matter how much you try to talk to them, refuse to change. Sucks when you get to the point where you just have to let them go and wait for them to open up their hearts

* Sometimes... I don't know why what I do or say upsets people. I think it's a fault on my part - but it's hard to change when they don't tell you that you've upset them. Am I supposed to just read their mind?

* I need to change. I want to change.

Let's go back to Melbourne in April okay? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? Thanks.

That's all I can say right now. My tummy is full and I need to move.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hi everyone :)

The reason I go to people's blogs is to be updated on their life... see what they've been up to. I don't think I've been giving anyone who has the same interest in my life that sort of update lately so here goes:

We had a Summer Student Breakfast Thursday morning to meet three new starters in one of the other Mac Business groups. That took up a good part of the morning - the part where I'm still trying to wake up.

After work Friday, I met up with a few old workmates and hung out at RETRO until my sister was drunk and I stunk of pub.

When we came back local, we drove straight to Hoyts to watch Cheaper by the Dozen with the KKK. That's a pretty good movies y'know - you'd think it's be heaps cheesy but it's actually pretty funny! Chillaxed with the cousins afterward exciting ourselves about the Melbourne trip...

On Saturday I deserved a pat on my back for my housework efforts. I did a few loads of laundry and cleaned up a bit before heading out to Bicentennial Park for some fun in the sun. Course, I didn't do much in the sun besides try to tan... but it was a nice get together kinda day.

Rocked up to Cruz's later that evening for his 22nd birthday (TWENTY-TWO!). I don't remember much from that night - apart from what was, hands down, the most enjoyable karaoke run EVER!

Vin, Al and I were AWESOME! It was so much fun because it was so carefree and we weren't holding back at all. I've never had so much fun karaoke-ing! After a couple hours, we decided to go through the songs properly from A-Z - singing every song we knew. We're currently up to "I"... can't wait till we continue that! Got home just before 3am. Which meant I didn't get much sleep because...

Dad woke me up around 8am to go to Church. Goodness. I spent the rest of the afternoon re-watching ALIAS Season 1 (which I got back from Alisa at Cruz's) before FINALLY taking down the Christmas tree with Veed.

It was around 8-something when I decided I was gonna make a late entrance at Pat's BBQ. There wasn't much of a BBQ going on when I got there though. I just made it in time for a few card/dare games which saw a bit of ass-grabbing, licking and kissing. HAHA. It was all in good fun though - we knew when the dares weren't appropriate. I don't think anyone was drunk enough to to do anything too crazy.

... so that was my weekend. Now I need to finalise my packing coz I'm leaving for Melbourne in less than 5 hours!


Thursday, January 15, 2004


Can you have achievement without challenge?

Saturday, January 10, 2004

I woke up to this today:

Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love
All the stars are right
Every wish is ours tonight, my love

Pity those who wait
Trusting love to fate
Finding out too late that they've lost it
Never letting go
They will never know the ways of love

Got to believe in magic
Tell me how two people find each other
In a world that's full of strangers
You've got to believe in magic
Something's stronger than the moon above
'Cause it's magic when two people fall in love

I may never know
Why I need you so
All I need to know is this feeling
Handle it with care
We were born to share this dream, my love

All I have to say to the second verse is - bite me!

I'm half joking. It is a beautiful song after all. But let's just sing about the love between the two people in question and not about 'those who wait'. SHEESH.

So what's been the happs...
* Met up with Michelle and Divina to watch LOTR:ROTK since Mel hadn't seen it on Tuesday. When we got to Hoyts, the session we wanted was FULL. You'd think that by this time, everyone that needed to see it, had seen it - so people like Mel, who needed to see it but hasn't had the opportunity, can see it whenever they want. Goodness me.

* Had lunch with some Mac girls on Wednesday to catch up and all which I thought was nice.

* Went lawn-bowling (yes, I know... shut up) at Paddington Thursday for some inter-bank action. It was a social event organised by HR of about 5 investment banks. It's not as bad as you think. Lawn bowling is actually a fun game - beats aqua golf, let me tell you. Plus, I suppose the presence of wine helped relax the game hehe. Met lots of really nice people from the other banks - too bad that's as much inter-bank action we're gonna get for the rest of the summer!

* Went bowling with the filos last night. I'm a crap bowler - but Nix is crapper =D. Retreated to City Extra as per always for some quick eats before going home.

'tis been a good week. Seeya'll next week!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

the Pimp Factory

... goes without saying ya'll. The bitch is back.

Oh... and Erik Santos is so bloody beautiful. He's the winner of STAR-IN-A-MILLION - The Philippines' version of Idol.

Friday, January 02, 2004

I don't care what anyone says...
- KURT NILSEN is NOT my World Idol (c'mon Tommy... help me out here!).
- No WAY does the WHOLE world like that type of music
- My money's on Norway paying out all the nations, with the Muslims being too good to submit :)

* stellz .. [ i f . i . a i n ' t . g o t . u ] .. i didn't mean it i was only JOOOKKIIINNNGG!!!!!!!!! says:
     he needs to borrow our braces!!

According to my ALIAS calander
- Today is "Day After New Year's Day" in New Zealand................ DUH!
- Sydney Bristow's CIA PROFILE says Languages: Numerous - you think they'd be a bit more descriptive
- I left for America this time last year

- Love Actually is a stupid movie about people who think they're in love for a montage of reasons
- The beach is the best place for relaxation
// TODO: Get gidi-cam pictures developed

The End. Goodbye.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

20-oh-4 NYResolutions
#1 - Keep God first... ALWAYS
#2 - Less procrastination, more do
#3 - Be a good role model and friend to those who depend on me
#4 - Leave Sydney at least 3 times: January, July, November/December
#5 - Stay happy, stay positive, stay healthy
#6 - Learn to spend wisely, not impulsively..... more
#7 - Graduate with a graduate position

If 2004 will be like New Year's Day...
* The closest people to me will be around - my family and my best friends
* Old friendships can always be rekindled - we all grow up one day right?
* I'm gonna get to go out and stay in less
* I'll continue to come home 2 hours after I tell my parents I'll be home
* Lots of beautiful days - rain, hail or sunshine... every day we have is precious

* Love is not a game
* You're never really alone when you feel the most alone
* A world without secrets would mean a world without lies - how good would that be?
* Someone will always read into something you say/write
* Movies about love do not entice me - at all
* Lists are always easier to read

Daz it. Bye.