Monday, August 17, 2009

Boot Cap: Day #3

I thought doing the King George Park to Anzac Bridge run on Saturday (with boyfriend forcing me to keep going even when I couldn't breathe) was going to help me conquer that hill. No luck today.

We ran up and down the hill about 3 times and I was absolutely exhausted! It was a nice bit of encouragement when one of the girls told me that it does get easier. I really hope so too. It really doesn't help when my legs are shooting pain. Gonna pay a visit to the Running Science spot sometime this week to see if I can get hooked up with better shoes. Also, I'm going to try to drop into the gym around the corner and spend a bit of time on the bike. Gotta build up those calfs!

Sucks how all I want to do now is steal half an hour's extra sleep but I'm sweaty and stanky. Plus, the clock tells me I should be getting ready for work now.

Until Wednesday...

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