Monday, August 24, 2009

Boot Cap: Day #5

The drama of today came from the two hours before I had to wake up this morning. Every time I know it's bootcamp, I wake up way early and struggle to stay asleep till my alarm goes off.

I slept around midnight last night.

... woke up around 2:30am
... woke up again at 4.22am
... and again 4.50am
... then 5.58am
... and still at 5.20am

... and then in about 2-4minute intervals after that.

Hectic right? Well, to me it is.

Today, I did what I did last Wednesday i.e. fitness test for the people that didn't show up last week. I thought I might as well have a crack at improving last week's time.


Sliced 1 minute 50 seconds off! Woowoo! It helped that my shins/ankles didn't feel like hell this morning.

Clocked in at 16min 26sec!

So... maybe it does get easier :)

Until Wednesday!

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